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The feeling of being weightless, of floating around almost like flying, the deep connection with mother nature as you are submerged in its womb. These are only a few of the new sensations that you will experience on your first dive in the ocean.
70% of our planet is water, yet barely 5% of its oceans have been explored. Scuba diving is the way to experience it and get in touch with its inhabitants. You will enter a new environment like you have never seen before, a place of marvel that you will learn to love and to protect.
By becoming a Scuba Diver you can help raise awareness in people and spread the word on conservation amongst your friends. When you get your scuba certification you'll be wondering why you didn't get it sooner.
We at Herradura Divers work to bring this awareness to our students and friends. Our students get the finest scuba diving education available which will help them to become safe Divers and guardians of the oceans.

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